Welp — вот и все для Huawei!

Welp — вот и все для Huawei!
Июнь 12 13:19 2019

Учитесь через Решение проблем и получите 20% скидку на годовую премиум-подписку на Brillant сегодня на





Также Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom и Xilinx

Huawei отвечает

Отстой для Huawei

Разведка США, очевидно, засекречила информацию о шпионаже Huawei

США могут смягчить удар

Мы живем в мире AMD сейчас

Я никогда не хотел этого




Nintendo может вступить в партию


Присоединяйтесь к культу Хром

Хакеры взломали


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40 комментариев

  1. Omah Gohd
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #1 Omah Gohd

    Intel: More$ is more$
    Amd: NOOOO, Less$ is More$
    Intel: We have money.
    Amd: We're getting your money.

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  2. ne0tic
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #2 ne0tic

    Fuck Epic Games and their exlusivity deals!

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  3. Edd Jordan
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #3 Edd Jordan

    right so homeland security anyone?

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  4. gogogo730
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #4 gogogo730

    Girl Dennis looks like Anna Akana!!! You look gorgeos Dennis!!!

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  5. ѕυѕαиσσ’
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #5 ѕυѕαиσσ’

    Well that's it for China then xD

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  6. cShell Motors
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #6 cShell Motors

    Huawei? Who cares? Cheap Chinese Copy Cat stuff. Get something proper instead!

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  7. Friedrich Hayek
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #7 Friedrich Hayek

    Huawei has the best 5G technology, Trump really hates his own country…

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  8. LeROYtheLAMA
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #8 LeROYtheLAMA

    1 joke for every 3-4 news report is fine i guess if thats the tone you're going for in this channel. Cramming in 3-4 "Jokes" on EVERY [10 sec] news announcement is just hard to watch/listen to.

    It has that desperation you expect from.. idk… someone trying to justify spending $5000 on a 2-day improv comedy course with Carrot-Top and Bob Saget.

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  9. LeROYtheLAMA
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #9 LeROYtheLAMA

    1 joke for every 3-4 news report is fine i guess if thats the tone you're going for in this channel. Cramming in 3-4 "Jokes" on EVERY [10 sec] news announcement is just hard to watch/listen to.

    It has that desperation you expect from.. idk… someone trying to justify spending $5000 on a 2-day improv comedy course with Carrot-Top and Bob Saget.

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  10. Cuban CigarMan
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #10 Cuban CigarMan

    I looked at hawei for some good time. But there just wasn’t enough reliability in their products to get my purchase. Then I knew people who had real problems that had to pay more money to resolve the problems. I didn’t buy a huawei…problem solved!

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  11. jagardina
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #11 jagardina

    It's a good system, it works.

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    Июнь 12, 13:19 #12 JMGRICH

    I'd feel quite uncomfortable talking to a glasshole. You know, feeling like I'm being recorded.

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  13. Kuhluh
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #13 Kuhluh

    Bans Huawei from using open source software.

    How does that work from a legal perspective?

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  14. Rampy
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #14 Rampy

    This doesn't really affect Huawei phones that are already out, aside from major updates, but when was the last time you got a major update anyway?
    I had a Samsung for 4 years with no major updates…

    The upcoming Huawei phones though are rip

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  15. Weta
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #15 Weta

    Remember when the US government told Iraq had weapons of mass destruction…

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  16. youtoober2013
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #16 youtoober2013

    WHOO Dennis looking HOT! DAMN! lmao.

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  17. VN1500D
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #17 VN1500D

    Huawei: “5G is available and almost ready so the world will only buy from us!”

    USA: “We are banning Huawei because…. because…. I mean…. HA! They spy on everyone”

    Result: kill the competition so we (USA) can catch up with 5G tech…. fake it til you make it baby!

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  18. David Košecký
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #18 David Košecký

    > Using open-source as common peasant..

    Go hug yourself king riley the dumbass

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  19. Daniel
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #19 Daniel

    Samsung galaxy s9+ FTW

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  20. John deJong
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #20 John deJong

    At least Google spying on your is better than what the owners of the social media sites do with your information.
    Thanks for the update on Huawei. So glad I didn't go with them when I upgraded my phone last month.

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  21. John Louie Silvestre
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #21 John Louie Silvestre

    Us ban huawei
    China ban apple😈😈😈😈😈

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  22. Random Stuff
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #22 Random Stuff

    Watching this on my huawei p8 lite

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  23. Ibigay Mona
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #23 Ibigay Mona

    My Huawei M3 Mediapad is the best tablet I had…well no more update but Nougat is ok

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  24. Zawa Rudo
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #24 Zawa Rudo

    Welp, time to work around the bootloader's lock and push some quality LineageOS into it, and say bye to the market abuses Google is doing with its monopoly practices

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  25. Rick Gritter
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #25 Rick Gritter

    Gonna say rip United states when you guys cannot buy rare metal anymore for you tech 😉 you fucked you're self

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  26. Mark Liu
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #26 Mark Liu

    oneplus is from china as well dont forget that trump 🙂

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  27. MrSn3akr
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #27 MrSn3akr

    Well.. I already know that the US is spying on just about everyone, that's been prooved!.. Maybe the issue is that US can't spy on people using Huawei gear, and can't get them to fit in a backdoor and drop off the keys at the Trumpet????

    They at least had to show some kind of proof.. Hope China tells US to pay up their debt or get off their high horse! that would knock the value of the dollar down to nothing and wipe the arrogance of the US

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  28. Armia Khairy
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #28 Armia Khairy

    will OnePlus, Vivo and OPPO be affected by this since they are a one big Chinese company.

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  29. XxSkillerz Gaming
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #29 XxSkillerz Gaming

    i am happy because i use amd gogo ryzen the best 😂

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  30. DelireWeb
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #30 DelireWeb

    Knowing how Trump does business, it seems that now, since he's the President, the whole Corporate USA has gone rogue… Anyways, that's good news for Huawei's customers since NSA's apps… Sorry, Google's apps, won't jeopardize their security and confidentiality lmao. In fact it's like Trump's businesses with bad decisions : from now on the NSA won't be able to gather information on Chinese people. I'm sure they're not happy with this either… Only Apple is cheering while still exploiting offshore cheap labor and infringing on our right to repair, as selling bull crap for a truck of gold to naive stooges.

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  31. kaybee65
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #31 kaybee65


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  32. Yuri
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #32 Yuri

    Unecessary long pauses and jokes as well, took longer to explain the information.

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  33. Luchingador
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #34 Luchingador

    that will teach Huawei… now let me pick my Xiaomi, 1+, Oppo and Vivo

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  34. Wes Hartley
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #35 Wes Hartley

    American tech companies: Ban Huawei

    Huawei: Wai, wha?

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  35. Captain Ofiheart
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #36 Captain Ofiheart

    Can someone enlighten me of which U.S. company makes telecommunications equipment with NO backdoor, lithium batteries without Rare Earth minerals?

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  36. CuBeRJAN3
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #37 CuBeRJAN3

    NSA wants to spy and doesn't want anyone else to spy…

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  37. Psychobunny
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #38 Psychobunny

    i think i prefer my own choice to let them spy on my useless activities or not

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  38. This is my name This is my name
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #39 This is my name This is my name

    I'm watching this on my huawei p20, well we're fucked

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  39. AJ Alvarez
    Июнь 12, 13:19 #40 AJ Alvarez

    Haewei already won the race -5G network and made of lots $$$$$ they already creating 6G network of now!🤪👍

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