Huawei больше не «угроза национальной безопасности»

Huawei больше не «угроза национальной безопасности»
Июнь 12 05:10 2019

После того, как телекоммуникационный гигант Huawei уже занесен в черный список, администрация Трампа рассматривает возможность использования тех же средств, чтобы подорвать Hikvision, крупную китайскую технологическую компанию. Экономист и основатель «Демократия на работе» профессор Ричард Вольф присоединяется к Микеле Гринштейну из RT America (за Рика Санчеса), чтобы поделиться своими взглядами. Он утверждает, что преследование китайских компаний предназначено только для того, чтобы «сделать Трампа похожим на мистера Крутого парня», и что опасения по поводу национальной безопасности США являются лишь предлогом.

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33 комментария

  1. Scandicraft
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #1 Scandicraft

    So Russia wants the US to buy Huawei? Got it.

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  2. Michael Tang
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #2 Michael Tang

    Soon my Grandmother will be a National Security too. She is using a Huawei phone and that make her a security risk.

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  3. homayoun Shirazi
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #3 homayoun Shirazi

    "Democracy" is a concept that is advertised by US government. In this form It is enforced for the benefit of the highest bidder! We have a "fake government" revealed for everyone to know. You are welcome.

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  4. Fook Oh Wong
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #4 Fook Oh Wong

    Because he wants to be second term president, damaging the other countries and their economies, even US companies is worth the prize. How can such heinous acts be happening in today's world. Time to think and take steps to deleverage from US.

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  5. Anna Morning
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #5 Anna Morning

    Wow! You are probably the only American show that I hear says it out loud this ban on Huawei has nothing to do with national security. OoO!!!!

    Ummm, you don't work for the Chinese somehow do you? Or are you getting sponsor from them? 😂

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  6. ZEN 33
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #6 ZEN 33

    HIK VISION. Like HUASEI fisrt time I never heard of this company.

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  7. EmiNem Nem
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #7 EmiNem Nem

    The title of the video is true?

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  8. Di Wang
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #8 Di Wang

    This professor is an idiot liberal asshole. He is so naive and simple. Does he know that if he criticizes Chinese leaders on the internet in China, his posts will be monitored by Huawei's equipment and the police will knock on his door and put him in jail?

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  9. Colin Tan
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #9 Colin Tan

    National Security is weaponized with the USD.

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  10. Karl Gamon
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #10 Karl Gamon

    Go USA show this fucking china whose the boss! ❤🇺🇸

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  11. Joe Bloggs
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #11 Joe Bloggs

    American hegemony, bullying and ransoming at work. This is the beginning of the end of your fucking world dominance. Trump is too thick to realise that.

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  12. Scare League
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #12 Scare League

    What next they're spying on me through my chinese made underwear 😂 or maybe my grandmas chinese chow-chow dog is a double agent

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  13. tommy wong
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #13 tommy wong

    Just looking at the title. Ya right. Lol. Being Chinese . The communist party up to no good. Never trust them.

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  14. Refused
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #14 Refused

    Us ban chinese tissue
    This tissue is spying our butt

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  15. toto
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #15 toto

    and google became weapon of us trade war

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  16. Dennis Tienesen
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #16 Dennis Tienesen

    Huawei never was. Only drugs and 2nd amendment are a national security threat.

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  17. Ko Latt
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #17 Ko Latt

    Apple is actually a security threat and clearly it is not huawei.

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  18. Slash
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #18 Slash

    Trump should shut up and masturbate if he soo worried about China Spy on him

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  19. ashesfrombones
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #19 ashesfrombones

    Trump declares he won the trade war!
    “ its a win, even if its a lost” — Donald Trump (2019)

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  20. AURA the FOX
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #20 AURA the FOX

    Imagine after this
    Trump lose and Huawei allow to sell their stuff in US

    It might not happen, but it just an idea

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  21. Kai Zhang
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #21 Kai Zhang


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  22. Chase Viking
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #22 Chase Viking

    You pussies are butthurt over something that is a national security threat being banned and are coming up with bullshit lies like the retard liberals you are.

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  23. Samuel Lawrence
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #23 Samuel Lawrence

    National Security Concern doesn't always "Threat"

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  24. goodluck kenneth
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #24 goodluck kenneth

    What's wrong with Americans!!!!!!!!!!!

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  25. Pedro Massango
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #25 Pedro Massango

    How to explain it to a child:

    USA want 5G technology, but Huawei get it first. Now USA seems Huawei as a enemy because of the power of 5G technology.

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  26. Marvin Montgomery
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #26 Marvin Montgomery

    We know that those scumbags spy on us do we want the Chinese stealing from us , and from listening to this Richard Wolf shithead who is on the Chinese payroll,it sounds like he is running scared and when I hear that Rachel maddow wanna be asking him those questions it just reminds me of the fact that this is Vladimir Putin's satellite network, and I know that Trump is doing some damage the the powers that be or they would not be whining and crying like they are. TRUMP 2020 and beyond

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  27. Joseph Hsu
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #27 Joseph Hsu

    I am thinking what if #1golf player saying other players in front of him is cheating, or hundred meter runner, or NBA winner, or best student in college, etc. Its shame the #1 country and its leader say so. Its shame the capital name is Washington.

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  28. Amy Goodman
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #28 Amy Goodman

    it's all just political.

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  29. solobackpacking
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #29 solobackpacking

    Someone that graduated during the Vietnam War telling us there is no Internet spying threat by the Chinese.

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  30. AirScholar
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #30 AirScholar

    Economics professor interviewed for information technology threat.
    LOL !

    Yeah Russia, you have credibility.

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  31. Mbonisi Gumede
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #31 Mbonisi Gumede

    Or maybe they playing Trump coz his the wrong man for running America he won't last a second term as president….

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  32. Double Blind Test
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #32 Double Blind Test

    USA are jealous on huawei because they invented 5G USA know that 5G internet is a lot of money and they dont have the profit for it they ban huawei because of that. This is all about money USA is outdated when it comes to tech and china is leading they are afraid that there country is not on top America have so much pride in there head they have no evedence but still they ban huawei.

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  33. martin pillsbury
    Июнь 12, 05:10 #33 martin pillsbury

    chinese living in orwellian society with huawei CCTV, and 💘huawei is a spy of CCP, sun ya fang who is SVP in huawei, and she ever was ministry of state security in chinese gov, 👉pls go wiki

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