Facebook запрещает HUAWEI!

Facebook запрещает HUAWEI!
Июнь 12 09:14 2019

По сообщению Reuters, Facebook запретил Huawei предварительно устанавливать любые приложения компании на своих смартфонах. На некоторых рынках Huawei в настоящее время предварительно устанавливает некоторые приложения Facebook, в том числе основное приложение Facebook, а также такие популярные сервисы, как WhatsApp и Instagram.

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6 комментариев

    Июнь 12, 09:14 #1 JK SMITH

    no app should be preinstalled.

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  2. jimboy ortiz
    Июнь 12, 09:14 #2 jimboy ortiz

    Go to WORLD WAR 3 U.S. give a WAR

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  3. Seraph B.
    Июнь 12, 09:14 #3 Seraph B.

    A phone without preinstalled apps gives more freedom to the user to manage their phone's memory.
    A huawei phone without preinstalled apps is thus worth more than a huawei phone with preinstalled apps.

    Considering this, as well as considering how there is NO ban whatsoever for Huawei users to install any application on their own (they can still download from PlayStore or any other store), leads me to say that this piece of news is propaganda.

    US are losing the trade war with China badly, and they are now shamelessly lying to the public by using a distorted and partial viewpoint. They do so through their media outlets, which prove to be every day less independent and less committed to giving quality information to the listeners.

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  4. Little Wing Jhendrix
    Июнь 12, 09:14 #4 Little Wing Jhendrix

    People, this is piece of news (Facebook ban Huawei) is initiated by Reuters, and Reuters being a western news agency is generally pro-west & US, and is becoming more partisan as the trade war escalates with its more slanted and biased reporting. If anything its helping to fuel the escalation always staying with its agenda of reporting such that US is having an advantage in the war and coming out on top at every count.

    In this instance, it is trying to paint a picture of increasing and voluntary support By US (if not the entire world's) tech companies for US trump admin's actions against Huawei, and that Huawei is being abandoned by their partners/suppliers/vendors ie. its on the way to being doomed so it becomes a big risk to any potential Buyers of Huawei handsets. See the actual motive behind Reuters reporting. Its trying to help the trump admin to cripple if not drive Huawei out of business. If you don't believe me just monitor Reuters not-too-recent and future reports on China , You'll see a pattern of exaggerating and sensationalising negative news on China. They will spin & twist half-truths about news on China.

    This pre-install story is an eg., and its BS. My last 2 smartphones are Huawei. Facebook, Whatsapp , Instagram are not pre-installed on my phone. Ditto for units sold internationally and certainly not the ones in China as Facebook & Whatsapp are banned in China, Why would Huawei want to pre-install those apps ? It gives it no benefits, unless Facebook Is paying Huawei to do so which is and has never been reported as such. Users do the installing of these apps on their own.

    What Reuters is doing here is exaggerating the impact of and maybe even fabricating a half-truth. Why half-truth ? Facebook could possibly be pre-installed in some Huawei handsets, but not by Huawei, but by Telcos who sold the phones. Noticed how both Facebook and Huawei declined to comment as it serves them no purpose to do so. They don' t want to help Reuters fuel and fan I have been reading reports from Reuters, AFP, AP, CNN, BBC, Guardian, etc. (western-based media in general) on China and the trade war lately with a big pinch of salt. I hope you all would too.

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  5. Farhan Zahid
    Июнь 12, 09:14 #5 Farhan Zahid

    Hello I want to start a YouTube channel can u tell me what software you use for youtube and camera

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  6. Faizan madni official
    Июнь 12, 09:14 #6 Faizan madni official


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