Действия США против Huawei ускорят местное развитие в долгосрочной перспективе; MSA Capital

Действия США против Huawei ускорят местное развитие в долгосрочной перспективе; MSA Capital
Июнь 12 11:16 2019

5 июня — Бенджамин Харбург, управляющий партнер MSA Capital, обсуждает усилия Huawei по борьбе с запретом президента Трампа на компанию, где он видит, как идут переговоры, и как другие компании могут пострадать от напряженной борьбы. Он говорит о «Bloomberg Markets: China Open».


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  1. cesar leon
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #1 cesar leon

    so who cares if its legal or not… hypocrites.

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  2. Ben Wong
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #2 Ben Wong

    Microsoft should halt all updates to the laptop and desktop used in China and all Chinese companies. Basically Microsoft could make all machines in China, all machines in communist government inoperable immediately.

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  3. Ben Wong
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #3 Ben Wong

    China is not stupid — will not cut off it's nose to spite the face. Apple sale will fall based purely on value proposition in China. Innovation and ability to produce chips is not a racial trait as subtly implied by many US commentators. After all most of the IT workforce in US are either Indians or Chinese origins. The Trump team should be careful of it's racial hubris.

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  4. Ben Ben
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #4 Ben Ben

    US bully wont work.

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  5. Jollystr
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #5 Jollystr

    Lots of Trumptards are cheering because Apple isn't affected as expected and they think America is winning. But just as Benjamin Harburg said in this video, China is showing restraint and they are holding back because they understand what permanent damage could be done to the global economy. TBH I used to be manipulated into thinking China is pure evil, but I'm starting to realize China is the lesser evil been the USA and China.

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  6. Jayou Tanau
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #6 Jayou Tanau

    Ok. Don’t buy anything from Huawei. Don’t sell anything to Huawei.

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  7. tony49492
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #7 tony49492

    Trump saying huawei is spying is like Bush saying they’re WMDs in Iraq

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  8. maanvol
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #8 maanvol

    Get rid of Trump's administration, before it gets too late!

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  9. Martin Johnson
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #9 Martin Johnson

    Political, US bans Huawei while America plays catch up, why don't the inept politicians own it , say this is political, the world knows thats the reason. The US is falling behind in the Technology sector, plus can't compete on price, forcing Us to pay more for US made products, which maybe not as good. What ever happened to the free market and being able to give people choice. Seems democracy in America is only a nine letter word.

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  10. - Eth
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #10 - Eth

    The USA made China what it is now……..and they can also take it down…..

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  11. Andy Lim
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #11 Andy Lim

    Can't wait to see Huawei 5G across Asia

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  12. Front Desk
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #12 Front Desk

    trump is the smartest president ever in US history..he knows everything like tariffs, technology, business, etc…support trump 2020. woohoo make america great again.

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  13. Tommy Dara Khmer
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #13 Tommy Dara Khmer

    trump trade war… it's not stupid.. it is in fact very stupid

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  14. tractor
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #14 tractor

    so China invented 5G.
    When ? This is a American millitary application , for remote robotic medical surgeries .

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  15. TAO LIN
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #15 TAO LIN

    So, US throw Huawei under the bus and then told the world that it's better for Huawei to become more independent. Nice.

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  16. Steven Winter
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #16 Steven Winter

    China are colonizing the rest of the countries in asia and all the west is concerned about is feminism and BLM… hilarious irony

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  17. Gabriel G
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #17 Gabriel G

    MAGA 2020

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  18. Frank Marshall
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #18 Frank Marshall

    while the US is heavily dependent on politicians and views of mainstream media, China is dependent on research and developement..Chinese don't speak alot when you expect them to..they instead keep their cool and act in their silence making them unpredictably smart and hard to take on…China thinks decades ahead, US thinks present .

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  19. long wong
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #19 long wong

    American taxpayers are victim of Jwe neocon conspiracy, China will defeat it greatest threat and enemy the Jwe neocon criminal hiding in Trump cabinet.

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  20. Dylan Peace
    Июнь 12, 11:17 #20 Dylan Peace

    Trade war is bad for US.

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