Май 15 17:48 2019

Означает ли это, что больше нет рут-доступа на HUAWEI ИЛИ ЧЕСТНЫХ ТЕЛЕФОНАХ?

Компания Huawei решила остановить процесс разблокировки своих загрузчиков через свой веб-сайт. У них все еще может быть другой способ сделать это, но как сейчас, сайт закрывается сегодня!

Если вы хотите получить root права на свой huawei или честный смартфон или разблокировать загрузчик, чтобы прошить кастомное рекавери, например TWRP, то сегодня последний день, чтобы сделать это …….

Быть в состоянии разблокировать загрузчик huawei (или Honor) просто, проверьте пост ниже.


ТОП 3 VPN, которые я использую ……

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Принесение сочетания технических уроков, новостей, обзоров и советов по потоковой передаче, таких как лучшая vpn 2018 и лучшая услуга IPTV на 2018 год.

Я всегда стремлюсь развивать новые отношения, если вы думаете, что у вас есть продукт услуги, который вы хотели бы увидеть на канале, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с … по электронной почте ниже.


По вопросам бизнеса или для демонстрации своих продуктов на канале, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с LeeTV по адресу [email protected]mail.com

Спасибо за настройку!

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  1. Android
    Май 15, 17:48 #1 Android

    Stop buying Chinese phones that are nothing more than spying, malware, backdoor tools for China. That is exactly why they stop allow unlocking, so you can't change wjat the phones are actually meant for. Xiaomi now also is good ng one step forward and not even allowing to install third party launchers. Why is everyone so idiotic and blind and not seeing reality stamped directly on their faces or think this is just not so? Just stop buying these phones, the easy fix for all your boot unlocking and rooting problems. Instead buy phones from other people that (at least for now still) allow to control and OWN the product you bought.

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  2. Farouk Tamer
    Май 15, 17:48 #2 Farouk Tamer

    So theres no way to root huawei/honor for free now. Rip.

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  3. Milos Djeric
    Май 15, 17:48 #3 Milos Djeric

    Imagine your huawei being stolen.Thief wipe data to factory reset and you can pray God that he would use that phone with different sim card and ben located via imei number.On rooted phone you can actualy install aplication for tracking and even if he/she wiped data to factory reset that aplication wont be delleted.Guess my main phone would be Samsung since it is easy to root and bootloader is unlocked by default.

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  4. deadlyNytshayd
    Май 15, 17:48 #4 deadlyNytshayd

    Stupid honor view forced update & wrecked my phone. I'm done with Android. A ything above 5.0 is trojan google shitware.

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  5. L0wSky1
    Май 15, 17:48 #5 L0wSky1

    This feels so shit ive been searching for so long how to root huawei p smart found it but too late and i mean even if the root voids the warranty and maybe some bugs in the system but that isnt huawei's disadvantage so it feels like 🚮

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  6. seon kim
    Май 15, 17:48 #6 seon kim

    Noooo! Crap! I'm too late…

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  7. Sabree Basit
    Май 15, 17:48 #7 Sabree Basit

    hi, where can i get the bootloader unlock code without using huawei website right now?

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  8. NeilIsLife NeilIsLife
    Май 15, 17:48 #8 NeilIsLife NeilIsLife

    I'm too late.

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  9. Eloise Aharroud
    Май 15, 17:48 #9 Eloise Aharroud

    Pin this if u love ur awesome fans follow me plz

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  10. mikesoftwiz
    Май 15, 17:48 #10 mikesoftwiz

    I kinda missed the train unfortunately as I upgraded to the p20 pro 2 days after the D-day. Any news if an option will be available in the near future?

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  11. leonrey vailoces
    Май 15, 17:48 #11 leonrey vailoces

    I could no longer access link in requesting code. Huhu

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  12. Darvin Avila
    Май 15, 17:48 #12 Darvin Avila

    Perfect, yesterday i dont has Internet and now i can't do it, thanks for the info 🙁

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  13. Fossy
    Май 15, 17:48 #13 Fossy

    Follow u to the gates of hell bro 😜 keep up the great work as always👍👍👍

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  14. Chris Troth
    Май 15, 17:48 #14 Chris Troth

    A YouTuber who shows alot about rooting could be a good thing, in the past I found there was little on YouTube, rooting TV boxes would be good, my mecool box is rooted as supplied but not full access, can't write to system files so apps like Titanium backup can't restore app data👍

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  15. Nancy Femmer
    Май 15, 17:48 #15 Nancy Femmer

    Great information my friend.😉
    Keep up this great work…

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  16. A Gregg
    Май 15, 17:48 #16 A Gregg

    Thanks for info Lee

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